Go Forth and Teach

by Dr Jessie Ee, Assistant Professor, Special Education, National Institute of Education (2003)

The Methodist Missions Society (MMS) Education Missions is one way for us to witness in countries closed to direct evangelism and missionary work. It is a creative channel in accessing these countries as education holds the key to a better future for all.

MMS Education Missions has these goals:

* share the gospel through our education ministry
* motivate and mobilise people to assist in education missions
* mobilise people to assist in curriculum planning and development
* ensure sequential continuity in curriculum planning and training
* train teachers in English language and other pedagogy skills
* develop evangelistic relationships in the countries we operate in

These may be accomplished in many ways, for instance, assessing the needs of these countries in the area of education, training of teachers through seminars and workshops, collecting books and teaching resources for the schools in these countries and sponsoring the education of primary and secondary students in these countries through our Student Sponsorship Scheme.

Please pray for Christians to come forward to serve God through our education missions. Would you consider being used by God in one of the following ways?

* Conduct workshops and seminars
* Facilitate (assist) at workshops and seminars
* Teach English to the young or to adults
* Pray for Education Missions
* Share your testimony during break-time fellowship
* Organise youth camps
* Develop English curricula
* Provide IT expertise and support
* Collect and evaluate books and other resources for the schools overseas
* Sponsor our students’ educational scholarship

To date, some of the countries that we’ve served include Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and China. It is rewarding to see some of the teachers whom we teach wanting to know more about God. Methodist pastors and churches have been able to follow up with them especially in Cambodia and Thailand. It is indeed truly motivating to see the eagerness of some of these folks thirsting not only for pedagogy skills but also for God.

The MMS Education Missions Committee encourages more teachers to respond to education missions. Jesus says "as the Father has sent me, I’m sending you" (John 20:21). Will you heed that call both here in Singapore and abroad?

Your Christian students can come too! Singaporean students’ have grown a lot through participating. One of them wrote about it this way, "In Singapore, I grumble at the education system and even take for granted the fact that I can go to school (I actually thought of it as a chore). …Now that I saw for myself the kind of school those children go to, the journey they have to make …and the facilities they have, I was ashamed." (Magata, 2000; Harvest Force, p24).

Your assistance can be in any of the ways listed above. What we need are willing workers that God can use to further His kingdom. One with a servitude attitude (1 Cor. 9:19) who can be a channel of blessings to win others for Christ, that is, the willingness to serve in humility and not cling to the "me" in oneself. Do pray and be sensitive to God’s calling. Let us not allow the secular world to direct our ways just because God is not physically present within our sight. Let us attempt to put God first in all we say and do.

Our tentative MMS Education trips for 2003 are as follows:
Cambodia 5th – 8th June
Vietnam 11th – 15th June
Chengmai/Bangkok 25th – 30th November
China 25th – 30th November

The actual dates will be confirmed when you attend our Orientation programme as we are still liaising with the various countries on the best time to visit.

If you are interested to assist in one of the above trips, we encourage you to attend our MMS Education Missions Orientation Programme on Saturday, 22nd March. This will be followed by our Education Retreat Programme on Thursday, 15th May. For both events, it will be held at the Methodist Centre, 3rd Level from 8.30 am – 5.00 pm at 70 Barker Rd.

If you wish to participate in the Orientation or Retreat Programmes or assist in any way in any of our education endeavours as suggested above, please contact Dr Jessie Ee at Tel: 67903299 (O), email: lcjee@nie.edu.sg or address: 1 Nanyang Walk, Singapore 639798.